How Many People Can Fly on a Private Jet?

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3 min readJan 9, 2020

For many air travelers, the dream is to fly private. What’s not to like about having some extra privacy and not having to pass through lengthy security checks when traveling. A common assumption is that flying private is for a select group of people but the truth is that things have changed and it’s actually more affordable today to fly private than ever before. So how many people can fly on a private jet?

How Many People Can Fly on a Private Jet?

How Many People Can Fly on a Private Jet? — Doing Your Research

In this post, we’ll discuss a few things about flying private including the number of people who can fly on a private jet, choosing your private jet as well as the cost considerations.

How Many Seats Are On A Typical Private Jet?

Like commercial planes, private jets come in a wide range of sizes with varying passenger and luggage carrying capacities. Smaller jets, for example, will have a total passenger capacity of as few as six. Slightly larger jets will accommodate as many as eight to twelve passengers. And you’ll also find large private charter jets with enough room to seat 18 or more passengers comfortably.

Bear in mind that larger private jets tend to have more amenities. However, that doesn’t mean that smaller jets aren’t comfortable or roomy. The space on a smaller plane will be more likely devoted to ensuring you have ample seating space.

Can You Buy Only One Seat?

When you charter a jet, you’re hiring the entire plane. That means you have the freedom to use every seat on the jet according to your preference. That’s why chartering a private jet works well when you’re traveling with several people, since you’ll typically pay the same price whether there’s only one person or ten.

Your typical jet charter service will have jets with different seating capacities. If you’re going to be only one or two people on a trip, chartering a smaller jet will be more cost effective. When you contact a charter service and give details about the number of people going, the staff will advise you on the most suitable type of jet based on seating capacity as well as the distance between your point or origin and arrival.

How Much Does It Cost?

Several factors go into determining the cost of flying private. Among the most critical factors are the speed of the jet and the total seating capacity. Another critical factor is the distance between your point of origin and your destination since private jets can essentially fly anywhere. Plenty of charter services will also consider whether you’re planning a round trip with only a couple of hours between arriving at your destination and making a return trip.

Bottom Line

With those few tips, you now know how many people can fly on a private jet. Ultimately, it comes down to the number of people you’re planning to travel with. The decision to charter a private jet is often more financially sound and more practical in a number of scenarios. And by factoring the benefits of private flying versus taking a commercial flight, it’s easy to see why it makes a lot of sense to charter a private jet.